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John Vigliotti

John Vigliotti grew up closer than three blocks away from the original Peppino’s Pizzeria, but he did not set foot in the restaurant until he was 18 years old. Unless he was at his uncle’s pizza shop, the chances of him eating food outside of his home were slim. In his family of Italian immigrants, he said, no one ate meals out or got their food delivered. When his mother went away shopping, though, he would get dropped off at his uncle’s restaurant. This is where he first found his love for customer service.


“Ever since I was a child, eight years old or so, I always kind of liked the idea of making pizza, making something with your hands where then somebody else is going to enjoy your work,” he said. Five years after he first went inside Peppino’s, Vigliotti bought the restaurant for $5,000.  In his opinion, the difference is in the dough. John’s philosophy is “all about digestibility” and it shows in the way Peppino’s makes its’ dough. The dough ferments for three days, which allows it to expand and release alcohol, sugar, and CO2 gas. When using this method there are fewer simple sugars, allowing the pizza to be easily digested. This process, along with his creative recipes have earned him numerous accolades and awards. In fact, in 2016, his PS2 pizza won second place in the traditional category of the International Pizza Challenge at the International Pizza Expo


As a family owned business for over 50 years, they consider themselves to be a part of the surrounding neighborhoods. Service to his customers and the community is at the heart of what John does every day. For the past two decades, Vigliotti has made continual efforts to contribute to the success of Syracuse’s youth. He lives by the saying, “if you have the ability, you have the responsibility,” and focuses his mentorship on students, of all ages, through business partnerships and beyond.


Vigliotti, his wife, Maria, and their three sons currently live in the Syracuse, NY area. The people and the resources are what kept him in central New York, he said. “I’ve always been a big fan of Syracuse, it’s a great place to raise a family.”


Peppino’s has proven its longevity, having been in business since 1968. And even though it is well established John continues to go to seminars and watches a lot of videos to refine and improve his craft.“We’re committed to constantly improving and serving the best product we can,” he said.

John Vigliotti