Breakfast Cattering | Breakfast Pizza | Serving Daily | Syracuse, NY


Large Breakfast Pizza

Whole eggs, cheese and one topping:

Large Only - $14.99 / additional toppings $1.79 each


Breakfast Pizza Slice $1.99

Deluxe Breakfast Pizza Slice $2.25

Breakfast Stromboli (small) $2.99

Frittata Bites $1.59


Breakfast Sandwiches


Egg and cheese                       $2.50

Sausage, egg and cheese       $2.99

Ham, egg and cheese              $2.99

Bacon, egg and cheese           $2.99

Breakfast potatoes                   $2.99


Breakfast Extras


Muffins - Blueberry,                  $2.00

Strawberry, Banana Nut and Chocolate chip


Fresh whole fruit                       $1.89




Coffee regular & decaf              Sm. $1.25, Lg. $1.50


Java boxes                                $22

includes sweetener, cups, creamer (serves 12 people)


Bottle of water, Orange juice, Apple juice and Cranberry juice                                           $1.59

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Call today or order online and let us take care of breakfast for you.

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